Professional Property Maintenance

At Western Landscape Services we look after your property as we would our own and as a result you can be assured that your property will look its best. When caring for your property, we will use the latest techniques, the most advanced equipment and industry best practices all geared towards the best results while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Here are some of the services we offer through our property maintenance program.
Natural Organic Property Care Program
The lawn care industry is required to use alternatives to pesticides. As such Western Landscape Services has been a leader in the Kingston community developing a natural solution to pest and weed control.

At Western we developed the ‘Organic Lawn Care Program’ which helps our customers get to the ‘root’ of their lawn problems. The goal of this program is to restore the health of your lawn below the soil line. Once the soil is healthy, all that remains is to maintain plant health. A healthy lawn is more resistant to weeds and harmful insects; so by treating the ‘root’ of the problem, a healthy lawn will continue to grow in a vigorous manner.
Shrubs / Hedge / Ornamental Tree Pruning
With over 40 years of successful plant care, we understand the unique needs of every plant and how to maximize its growth and beauty. We specialize in the proper pruning of trees, shrubs and hedges which aid in improving structural strength, health, and in turn increases property value.

Maintain or limit size and shape of ornamental plants to avoid overpowering a landscape
To remove undesirable growth, diseased, or dead plant tissue
To stimulate flowering or fruit production
Limit insect attack
Reduce the potential for storm damage
Pond / Water Feature Maintenance
Our full Design/Build department installs water features and pond gardens. To maintain their natural outdoor beauty, Western Landscape Services offers pond and water feature maintenance. We offer this service to those customers who already have ponds and who wish to leave the maintenance to the experts. We offer spring pond opening and fall closing of your pond.

Cleaning of skimmer net and filter mat
Check pump for proper water flow
Check and adjust automatic water fill valve
Monitor and trim water plants
Remove debris
Replace any gravel and rock as needed
Add or remove plants as needed
Apply algae control as necessary
Lighting Systems Maintenance
As a finishing touch to many of our design/build projects, the installation of a 12 volt lighting system is integrated into the landscape. Landscape lighting today has not only advanced to energy efficient systems, LED bulbs and astronomically timed settings, but it is also an additional form of art which maximizes the functionality of your landscape. Western Landscape Services offers full maintenance of landscape lighting systems. After a lighting system is installed, it is recommended that a regular maintenance check be performed. Lighting systems must be annually adjusted to accommodate for tree/plant growth and landscape changes. A yearly inspection and maintenance of all tree ‘up/down lighting’ is an absolute must to accommodate tree growth and climatic effects.

Perform an overall systems check
Removal of lamps, clean sockets
Replacement of lamps as needed
Reset clocks, check and adjust astronomical timer
Readjust fixtures for plant growth
Recommend repairs and improvements
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