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Landscape Specialists Since 1973

As full service landscape professionals, we offer integrative Landscape Design/Build services. We pride ourselves on our design process, creative edge and use of engineering principles when developing your landscape to ensure that it will withstand the test of time. We feel that we all have a responsibility to Mother Nature and therefore, take great care to ensure that your landscape project is sustainable and ecologically balanced. Our team of certified horticulturists, designers and landscape installers specialize in working toward mature, naturalized landscapes that blend the requirements and lifestyle of our customers with nature. By utilizing various plant material, natural and/or cultured stone, lighting accents and irrigation, reinforced by our two year warranty, we ensure that all of your landscape elements will have permanence and timeless beauty.

Landscape Design

The foundation of a successfully built outdoor space is backed by a strong design.  We work with you through a unique creative design process that is customized to each individual project. We will build an environmental understanding of your property, develop a plan of action whether it be a landscape design or quick concept, then build it.

Our Design/Build Process

From a Vision ~ To an Artfully Installed Landscape

An onsite meeting is the first thing to happen with you and a member of our design/build team.  This meeting is about you and  discovering your needs, as well as learning about your landscape.

Now that we have your wish list.  We sharpen our pencils and get to work.   Throughout this process we work closely with you on designing your landscape space that is perfect for you, and tailor it to your budget.

  • We are a safe company: We pride ourselves on our professional image and safety policies.
  • We manage the site, not you. We ensure everything is installed according to plan, and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible – No headaches, Leave it to us.
  • Our design process ensures you know detailed project costing, before and during construction.  No surprises.

If you are happy, so are we.  A final walk through with you is done to ensure you are completely satisfied with your landscape space before we leave the site. We leave your property in ready to use condition – No mess.

We guarantee our art work for 2 years, down to the last plant.

  • Scheduled yearly warranty visits – We call you.
  • Take advantage of full property maintenance packages, from mature tree pruning to weekly grass cutting.   Allow us to help grow and care for your new investment so you don’t have to!

For more information visit our Property Maintenance division and Western Tree

Landscape Build

Allow us to bring beauty to your door step. Our team of professional installers will make your construction experience pleasurable from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our professional image as well as our safety standards and policies. In every project – large or small – we work toward mature, naturalized landscapes that blend the requirements and lifestyle of you, with nature.

Pools, Ponds & Water Features

Transform a piece of your outdoor living space into an oasis. Whether it be a poolscape, or pondscape, enjoy the tranquil presence of running water in a naturalized setting.  Enjoy the outdoors even on the hottest of days, cool off and be refreshed in your own backyard!

  • Creation of a setting that reflects the taste or interest of the individual customer.
  • Ecosystem stability featuring ‘The Aquascape System™’.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Maximize the use of your landscape by illuminating it for evening functionality. Not only does this allow for a safe outdoor realm, it creates an artistic form of landscape lighting. We install and maintain full lighting systems that provide spot lighting, up and down lighting of trees, path lighting and much more.

Green Roofs

A ‘green roof’ is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation over a waterproofing membrane. Green roofs serve several purposes such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, creating an outdoor living space, creating a habitat for wildlife, and helping to lower urban air temperatures. Each installation is unique depending on the building structure, the roof slope, roof access etc. Have your roof designed and installed through our certified LiveRoof® installers at Western Landscape Services.